The Binnie's have been in the cattle business since 1898. We produce commercial and stud wagyu cattle, with a focus on growth, functionality and marbling.

The Australian Beef Industry has  enjoyed particularly good times over the last couple of years, however it isn't always this good.  We take great pride in delivering genetics that consistently improve operating margins and help our clients achieve top prices through drought, flood and difficult markets.

The current high prices of the commodity beef market present a great opportunity to sell those down, and enter the world of consistent strong prices. 



Beyond industry leading genetics, we also invite qualified partners to join in our expansion. By sifting through the marketplace with an objective and unbiased approach, Binnie Beef has put together a series of property acquisitions that take full advantage of the temporary factors that have artificially depressed asset prices. 

All properties chosen are suitable for Wagyu cattle and can either operate as stand alone businesses or part of an integrated supply chain. The heavy asset backing and honest entry price provides downside protection, with flexibility of exit and the potential for scalability.


Our Edge

Delta Wagyu is at the cutting edge of genetic progress in carcass value, polled and red Akaushi genetics. 

We have the 2015 & 2016 Champion of the World Bull, the Silver Medal Winning Female, a Heterozygous Polled Bull, the only known Red High Tajima Polled Bull and PMGFL00013, a son of Mayura Itoshigenami Jnr.



97% weaning rate
90% premium paid for full blood Wagyu over commodity beef
Delta genetics in TOP 2% of breed for GROWTH & MARBLING

Our Edge